Premium spring no. 2a/2b, 260 mm Ø 29 mm


These 260mm long trampoline springs are produced according to our specifications and exclusively for us. In the same factory and in large quantities over many years.

The springs for Tramp modules provide a medium pre-tension and are well suited for use on commercially operated trampoline systems. They are characterised by a long stroke as well as soft and dynamic jumping conditions. They enable a wide range of application options.

The spring for bungee modules provides a very high pre-tension and is either suitable for our larger bungee modules on Multitramp systems or otherwise only recommended for training use on sport trampolines.

Suitable for our Multitramp systems but also on trampoline systems from other manufacturers.

Please consider our bulk prices:

Unit price up to 49 pieces = 2,90 €

Unit price from 50 to 99 pieces = 2,33 €

Unit price from 100 to 499 pieces = 1,99 €

Unit price from 500 to 999 pieces = 1,79 €

Unit price from 1000 pieces = 1,68 €

Please insert the desired quantity here. Please inform us about your preferences concerning the pre-tension of the springs at the checkout under the heading “add a comment”!

Nr. 2a 60 Nm, low pre-tension for tramp modules

Nr. 2b, 80 Nm, high pre-tension for bungee modules


Weight: 0,260 kg

Lenght: 260 mm

Diameter: 29 mm

Packing size: 26,5 x 2,90 x 2,90 cm



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