Jumping net 2 (up to max. 10.00 m²), orange

Jumping net 2 is our latest fabric made of UV-protected PVC lattice material and has been tried and tested a over the last 5 years.
It provides a good grip, a very good air flow and has good throw
qualities similar to jumping net 3.
The individual meshes can not warp so that the openings always remain the same and no pinch points can form.
Our latest jumping net with the best properties and excellent customer reviews.

Our jumping nets from the Premium Line are
– individually manufactured, each net is individually produced
– edged and stitched multiple times by our master saddler – guaranteed
– provided with extremely robust 6mm thick, fully galvanized V-rings
– manufactured from fabric originating from the EU in our saddlery


Origin of tissue: Europa

Made in Germany

Dimensions: up to 10,00 m² (e.g. 2,00 m x 5,00 m)