Type 4 Latex Elastics, 10kg, per meter


Top quality latex elastics with an elasticity of about 700%. Produced by one of the last manufacturers in the EU. The quality has been on a constant high level over the last years.

Please enter the desired quantity in meters in the order field below

Due to production reasons latex elastics are delivered in varying roll lengths. We try to meet your desired length as good as possible however it is possible that depending on the availability we might have to to round up the order by a few meters

Important Note


Self customized products are not covered by our TÜV-certificate
Due to the missing textile jacketing latex elastics don´t have any additional protection against tearing . During operation they require constant, complete inspection and have to be replaced at the first signs of wear.


For weight: app. 10kg (jumping weight for dual-side application)
Color: undyed (beige)
Length of roll: Varying between 15 and 45 meters
Minimum operating temperature: +5°C
Jumping dynamics:+++++
Safety: +